The Process of Wheelchair Project

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Wheelchairs which are broken or are not used now in Japan are repaired in this project. They are given and sent to countries in Southeast Asia and etc. In Thailand, the similar project has already started in Thai schools. The system for repairing wheelchairs in Thailand has been getting sorted out.

Receiving broken wheelchairs

Kawamura Gishi K.K.Wheelchairs fallen into disuse or broken and out of use, are made over by companies manufacturing wheelchairs and welfare facilities.


Repairing wheelchairs

A picture of activitiesIn each school, the wheelchairs are repaired in technical arts lessons, integrated study, the student council activities, club activities and so on, which are different in each school.


Packing and shipping out in the containers

A picture about packing wheelchairAfter finishing repairing in each school, the repaired wheelchairs are concentrated in one school. There, they are packed so that they are not broken in transport. The students in each school also gather there for packing. That is a good opportunity for exchange with students over schools. The packed wheelchairs are loaded in the containers and shipped to the countries in Southeast Asia. Before shipping out, profiles for each wheelchairs are made and sent to NPOs, which are DPI (Disabled Peoples' International Asia-Pacific Region) etc. In cooperation with the NPOs, the wheelchairs are coordinated (matched) with people in need. The coordination is finished before the wheelchairs arriving in the countries.

Distributing wheelchairs

A picture about activitiesAfter arriving in the countries, the wheelchairs are distributed in cooperation with the NPOs (DPI etc.) The teachers and other people in the Network conduct follow-up reviews of them in their summer vacation in order to know how they are being used and what troubles people have in using them. The follow-up reviews are fed back to the students with video recorded in the follow-up and Web pages in Internet

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