Kyosei-Kyoso Marathon in 2000

Kyosei-Kyoso Marathon was held in the Tsurumi green-tract-of-land park on May 28, 2000. Kyousei is symbiosis and Kyoso is to run together in Japanese.
Kyosei-Kyoso Marathon does not compete for speed. The student of junior high schools and a high schools gathered. The number of the schools which participated was 13.

Takenobu Mai

The third-year student in the Kanan junior high school.
I was very painful while running. But when finishing running, the wonderful feeling of achievement was felt. I ran as hard as possible and thought that I was good. I want to participate also next time.

Katsuragi Mari

I am not good at running. But the invigoration when finishing running is the highest. And, when I was tired and it had fallen behind everybody, everybody encouraged me. Thank you.

Fukada Ikuyo

I am in the middle test term now. But The park where marathon was held was near from my house, so I participated.

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