Kyosei-Kyoso Marathon in 1999

Kyosei-Kyoso Marathon was held in the Tsurumi green-tract-of-land park on May 30, 1999. Kyousei mean symbiosis in Japanese. Kyoso mean running together in Japanese.
This marathon does not compete for speed. Kyosei-Kyoso Marathon is continued for everybody's power for 8 hours. 52 students gathered. The bazaar etc. was held simultaneously.

It was a celebration. Physically handicapped persons, visually impaired persons, old persons, and small children were running very happily. 153 persons participated a total. We ran 86.4km in 8 hours.

Writing their words of best wishes to the T-shirt.

We were the groups of eight junior high schools. Some of comment are introduced.

I sat in the wheelchair for the first time today. Having sat in a wheelchair was hard. However, he has understood the feeling of the persons in the wheelchair. I thought that it became good study.

I sat in the wheelchair in public for the first time today. I found the inconvenience of the persons in the wheelchair well.

One human being's power is very small. However, when everybody sent the heart and united power, anythings could be overcome.

When I sat in the wheelchair, I thought that a field of view changed a lot.I think that everybody was able to unite power today.

Everybody had run the last round.

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