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In the 21st century, schools and teachers (chalk face) have come to thetime of a great reform. The following is expected: Each school has to notonly start an elective course and integrated study, and set up themes ofenvironment study, information and computer lesson and welfare in eachschool's course of study. So each teacher's view (philosophy) of educationand ability to plan various lessons have a great weight with schooleducation. Especially, it is expected that, in addition to teaching throughtextbooks, teaching methods linking to real world, in cooperation withvarious people in local community, will be absolutely necessary.

And so, many teachers wanted to establish a network which had a themeaiming for a barrier-free society in the next generation in, and in whichteachers studied teaching methods for aiming for a barrier-free society andhuman resource development. So 'Barrier-free education network' wasestablished. 'Barrier-free' here has a broad meaning: not only removingbarriers to the physically handicapped person and the elderly, but removingbarriers between gender, ages, nations, and ethnic groups. And 'Education'studied here has a broad meaning. It involves activities in the wide rangeof education: not only school education but social training and corporateeducation. So, our network opens its doors widely to the world. It welcomesmany members from, needless to say, teachers, PTA members, working people inthe society.

'Barrier-free education network' hopes that this network, which has beingexpanded through the activities of recycling discarded wheelchairs, getsmuch more strong and more attractive to many people, and hope.

Further advancement of this network.

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